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'Midnight Never Sleeps' Receives Green Light for Late April Production

[Western Sydney, 27 Feb 2024] - Art Cultural Exchange (ACE), in collaboration with Phoenix Eye Films, is thrilled to announce that the psychological horror film "Midnight Never Sleeps" has officially received the green light for production, with filming set to commence in late April.

Written and produced by Vietnamese-Australian Elizabeth H. Vu, "Midnight Never Sleeps" explores the eerie realms of psychological horror, promising to captivate audiences with a fresh and intriguing storyline. This production will bring together a talented team, including LA-based special effects consultant Oasis Nguyen, to create a unique cinematic experience.

Making her directorial debut in the horror genre is Maria Tran, known for her work in various genres and currently preparing for her double-action feature film shoot 'Echo 8 Trilogy' in 2025. She expresses her excitement about venturing into this new territory, stating, "There's a gap in the market for this genre, and it would be a great way to tell new stories. I'm eager to bring a fresh perspective to the horror genre and make 'Midnight Never Sleeps' a memorable experience for the audience."

Tran emphasizes the importance of adaptability in the independent film industry, adding, "Even though it is one of the first few times I’m doing horror, I’m doing my research not only watching some of the classics but also have plans to visit Monte Cristo (Australia’s most haunted location) for research."

In an interview with Elizabeth H. Vu, the writer, and producer of "Midnight Never Sleeps," she sheds light on the film's evolution. Vu reveals that the script has undergone multiple iterations over the years, each time taking on a new form. The current version is a completely fresh and captivating story that has captured the team's imagination.

Vu expresses her enduring passion for horror, stating, "I've always been a fan of horror films, horror stories, anything horror, really. I remember watching The Shining, The Exorcist, Saw amongst other horror films as a kid." She shares her excitement about exploring the psychological horror genre, saying, "Yes, I lean more towards psychological horror, but a juicy slasher is good too!"

Elizabeth wrote US psychological thriller 'Wake' starring Fivel Stewart which has been picked by by Film Seekers and currently distribution is being finalised for the US and the UK.

Stay tuned for updates and cast announcements soon.


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