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Phoenix Eye Films, the creative force from Western Sydney now rocking Las Vegas, champions diversity and inclusion in the arts. Their squad of multi-talented artists breaks boundaries, providing a platform for underrepresented voices and creating immersive experiences that go beyond art, fostering connections and dialogue in the community.


Phoenix Eye is all about vibrant videos, meticulous details, and a relentless passion for amplifying underrepresented voices and celebrating cultural richness.

In the pulsating heart of their narrative, Phoenix Eye ignites a fusion of film, photography, digital storytelling, and live performance to craft experiences that don't just captivate audiences but transcend conventional storytelling.


It's not just about showcasing art; it's about sparking conversations and bridging cultural understanding. Through their dedication to collaboration and community engagement, Phoenix Eye becomes a catalyst for change, challenging norms and evolving the artistic landscape.

At the helm are women of diverse backgrounds, steering the ship with a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to community and artistic showcases. Their journey is a vibrant tapestry of ideas transformed into videos, a testament to their dedication to inclusivity and the vibrant celebration of cultural diversity. Phoenix Eye Films stands as a dynamic beacon in the realm of creativity, amplifying voices, promoting inclusivity, and leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of cultural expression.


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At Phoenix Eye, our foundation is built on the pillars of the following core values:

ARTISTIC GUIDANCE: We prioritize and exalt the vision, creativity, and autonomy of artists within our collective. Our commitment lies in empowering artists to lead, allowing them to shape their expressions and narratives authentically.

ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT: We cultivate genuine connections with the community, placing value on meaningful interactions and collaborations. Our active pursuit involves engaging with diverse communities to create art that resonates with their unique experiences.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: We actively promote diversity and inclusion by ensuring representation and celebration of artists from all backgrounds. We aspire to create a space where diverse voices flourish, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE: We aspire for excellence in all our artistic endeavors, dedicating meticulous attention to detail and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Our belief is anchored in delivering captivating and impactful experiences through diverse art forms.

EMPOWERMENT & SUPPORT: Central to our ethos is the commitment to empower artists by providing unwavering support, mentorship, and opportunities for growth and development. We are dedicated to nurturing their talents, assisting them in reaching their full potential.

SOCIAL IMPACT & CHANGE: Acknowledging the transformative power of art in driving social change, we leverage our platform to challenge societal norms, address pivotal issues, and inspire dialogue and reflection.

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