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Empowering the Fight Against DIPG: 'Mighty Maddy' Campaign Unveils Inspirational Project


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 28 Nov — In a groundbreaking collaboration spanning the past two months, Maria Tran and the Phoenix Eye collective have joined forces with Maddy Suy and her family to launch the online social media campaign 'Mighty Maddy.' This collective effort aims to raise awareness for DIPG (childhood brain cancer) through a multifaceted approach that combines creativity, storytelling, and community engagement, artist-led.

Mighty Maddy Creative Team

The campaign has seen weekly sessions where Maddy, a resilient young individual battling DIPG, collaborates closely with the creative team in various creative and storytelling activities. These sessions serve as a testament to the power of art and connection in the face of adversity.

In a strategic move to amplify the impact, a Go Fund Me campaign has been launched with the guidance and input of the Suy family. The funds raised will contribute to the production of a short fantasy live-action film titled 'Mighty Maddy's Mission to the Future.’

This film is about one girl’s adventures into the imaginative realm where she rescues Tina the sloth while battling a bunch of ninjas with her ‘Mighty’ powers. This film promises to not only captivate audiences but also deliver a powerful message about the challenges faced by children battling DIPG.

“I was surprised when Alan connected with me through another project and voiced that his daughter Maddy was also a fighter and that she liked a lot of the action girl power stuff I was putting on screens,” says Maria.

‘It’s a fantastic initiative as it really empowers those affected by DIPG to look at creative means, build community voices, as well as advocate for support from the government,” says Alan.

Additionally, the project will feature a series of social media documentary-style videos. These videos will offer insights from parents and experts on the living conditions and struggles associated with DIPG. The goal is to create a comprehensive narrative that goes beyond the medical aspect, shedding light on the broader impact on families and communities.

Maria Tran is set to return to Sydney in December to kick off the production phase, showcasing her commitment to making 'Mighty Maddy' a beacon of hope and awareness.

Join us in supporting this extraordinary endeavor to make a lasting impact on the lives affected by DIPG. Together, we can be a part of 'Mighty Maddy's Mission to the Future.'

About 'Mighty Maddy' Campaign

The 'Mighty Maddy' campaign is a collaborative effort between Maria Tran, the Phoenix Eye collective, and Maddy Suy's family. Through creative storytelling and community engagement, the campaign aims to raise awareness for DIPG, a rare form of childhood brain cancer. The initiative includes the production of a fantasy live-action film and documentary-style videos, offering a holistic view of the challenges faced by those affected by DIPG.


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