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Short Psychological Vietnamese-Australian Horror Film Wraps

This short micro-budget psychological horror film, developed with the support of Arts & Cultural Exchange (ACE) and Phoenix Eye, brings together a talented dozen culturally diverse independent filmmakers from Western Sydney. ACE receives support from Screen NSW.

The project is based on a screenplay by Elizabeth H. Vu, originally written in 2018. After being optioned three times, the rights returned to Vu, who decided to craft a completely new story from the original concept, retaining only the title "Midnight Never Sleeps."

Director Maria Tran, known for her work in micro-budget action genre, with 6 months countdown to shooting her double feature film 'Echo 8 Beyond' and 'Five By Five' makes her horror debut with this film. She's renown for thinking-outside-the -box, community led & facilitative practices in the filmmaking process. Splitting her time between Australia and the United States, Maria is part of a growing movement of Asian diasporic filmmakers exploring horror to share untold stories.

The film stars Ana Thu Nguyen, a rising Vietnamese-Australian actor with notable credits including "Suka" (2023) and the highly anticipated "Mortal Kombat 2," in which she plays Queen Sindel.

"Midnight Never Sleeps" unravels the disturbing saga of a pregnant woman whose husband mysteriously vanishes. The narrative unfolds in Vietnamese, with translation expertly handled by Viet Q Media Australia and i4s Agency.

The project will be in post-production and ready for horror based film festivals later this year.


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